The band refers to themselves as an electro-house // indie-dance // alternative-pop based band. "We want to revamp & reamp the whole four piece, two guitars, bass & drums format." says Ben; "We're throwing in elements of electro-house & indie-dance to innovate and reinvent that sound... we are finding out where we, as a four piece band, belong in the electronic dance scene." 

The Silent Scene Tour Dates



INTERVIEW: The Silent Scene | The 1975 Meets Porter Robinson 

The Silent Scene ~ Cities EP | New Music | Conversations About Her 

Post VH1’s Make My Band Famous, The Silent Scene is still on its way to making it big 

Umusicians Showcase Series: The Silent Scene 

This past week we met up with UMusicians and we are now featured in the Showcase Series with individual band member interviews and a brief acoustic performance in Washington Sq Park in New York City where we did a cover of Settle Down by The 1975 along with a few songs from our upcoming EP, Cities


hi guys~ very excited to finally have this public. USA Today has officially premiered our first release and we couldn't be happier.
lots of exciting things in works/soon to come, everything from new music, new merch, shows, videos, and everything inbetween and more. we've only been a band since october and this is still the beginning. can't wait for the future.

hope all is well with you guys, and we can't wait to see you a show or something (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Electro-Indie Pop Collective to Play Free Concert on July 26
The South Street Seaport continues its season of free summer fun with a special concert from electro-indie pop sensations THE SILENT SCENE on July 26. The band, whose Continuing momentum after reaching the top of Billboard's Heatseekers Chart, VH1's Make A Band Famous, and's Discovery of the Week, The Silent Scene will take to the FRONT/ROW stage from 1pm-3pm, bringing their upbeat mix of electro-house and indie-dance sounds to Lower Manhattan.

Taking influences from the early 2000's pop-rock movement that infused fresh beats of the underground electronic scene, The Silent Scene is creating the sounds of a revolution for a new genre.  The band has revamped the traditional four-piece format by incorporating elements of electro-house and indie-dance to invent an entirely different sound that creatively molds together a refreshing blend of indie-rock and electro-pop.

Comprised of vocalists, songwriters and guitarists, Richie Arthur and Duran Visek; Ben Spremulli on keys; and Jeff Maurer on drums, The Silent Scene thrives on the beauty of creative freedom and aims to make genuine connections with their listeners. Their upcoming EP, 'Cities' (August 2014), is an audible depiction of the guys behind the band, and as the name Cities might suggest, the EP is a reflection of diversity: of music and of the band members as individuals.

The Silent Scene's special performance at the South Street Seaport is part of the Seaport's SEE/CHANGE 2014 summer lineup of activities, which already includes an array of curated retail pop-ups, culinary offerings, live music, outdoor cinema and family-friendly fare.

BUZZARTIST Interview/Review 

Interview/Review with the guys of indie-dance electro-house band The Silent Scene!

The Silent Scene is not your average boy band. Yeah, they’ve got the swoon-worthy good looks and youthful charm, but they have a lot more to offer up. For example, their shaking and stomping electro-dance music. Formerly known as Kicking Daisies, The Silent Scene has spent the last few years undergoing serious band metamorphosis. Evolving now with a more indie electro-dancepop direction, Duran Visek, Ben Spremulli, Richie Arthur and Jeff Maurer, are taking their talents to the next level, and are proving to do so above and beyond. Their debut EP Cities, releasing August 12th, is the perfectly powerful dance music we’ve been waiting for. READ MORE HERE


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